A Fed-Up Republican Senator Just Publicly Mocked Infantile Trump


Donald Trump may have finally picked a fight with the wrong Republican.

Early Sunday, the commander in chief did what he always does on weekend mornings. He selected one of his many enemies – real or perceived – and proceeded to attack them on Twitter.

The target this time, however, wasn’t an obvious or long time critic, or a former opponent. It wasn’t a Democrat, or a Hollywood celebrity, or the kind of Liberal cause or movement he likes to attack just to fire up his alt-right base.

This time it was Senator Bob Corker, the avuncular Tennessee Republican who’s been a steady but quite supporter of the President’s. He endorsed him during the election and remained steadfast during most of Trump’s first 10 months in office.

Then in August, Sen. Corker began questioning Trump’s competence, and in September he announced he wouldn’t seek reelection in 2018, giving Democrats a chance to pick-up a seat in the Senate and further dampen the prospects of Trump’s agenda in congress.

This morning, the President finally hit back.

Senator corker must have known it was coming, because he hit back immediately, and hard.

Boom. Welcome to the resistance, Senator Corker.


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