Alec Baldwin Just Did It, Said What No One Dared To Say — Trump Is Furious!


Earlier this month, actor Alec Baldwin won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. This Saturday, Baldwin was back with his SNL premiere and he’s upped the satire.

Baldwin’s skit visited a plethora of current events taking place in the White House, from Trump threatening North Korea, his nickname for Kim-Jung Un, the NFL rants, and his response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

In the episode, an SNL actress portraying Mayor Cruz of San Juan, calls Baldwin begging for aid. Baldwin’s Trump tells the Mayor help won’t be there until sometime next week and proceeds to talk about Puerto Rico as if it’s a foreign nation rather than a U.S territory.

SNL Cruz tells Trump that Puerto Rico is a U.S territory and, therefore, his responsibility. Baldwin’s Trump hangs up on her and says “that woman was so nasty.”

Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live skit comes out the same day Trump called the Mayor of San Juan “nasty” for begging for help and telling the media that efforts are “inefficient”. Cruz told the world “we are dying here and inefficiency is killing us”, garnering a wave of compassion for Puerto Rico and criticism aimed at Trump.

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