Alt-Right Darling Steve Bannon Calls Hillary Clinton A “F*cking Bull Dyke” And “Not Smart”


New York Magazine published an excerpt from Joshua Green’s upcoming book on Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon’s always been known for his racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, Alt-Right, White Nationalist ways. But what often gets forgotten in all of the levels of hatred is that he’s also a horrible misogynist.

As Green writes in Devil’s Bargain:

Bannon gloried in the slights and scorn directed at Trump supporters, proudly insisting that elitist Clintonites looked down on them as “hobbits,” “Grundoons,” and — co-opting Clinton’s own ill-advised term — “deplorables.” Anyone who thought otherwise was a “mook” or a “schmendrick.”

… Clinton, Bannon would insist, was “a résumé,” “a total phony,” “terrible on the stage,” “a grinder, but not smart,” “a joke who hides behind a complacent media,” “an apple-polisher who couldn’t pass the D.C. bar exam,” “thinks it’s her turn” but “has never accomplished anything in her life” — and, for good measure, was “a fucking bull dyke.”

It’s no wonder Trump and Bannon have such a strong bromance. But Trump’s not the only misogynist that asked Bannon for help in regards to Megyn Kelly:

In a panic, Ailes called Bannon and begged him to call off the attacks. “Steve, this isn’t fair, and it’s killing us,” Ailes said. “You have to stop it.”
“Fuck that, that was outrageous what she did!” Bannon retorted. “She pulled every trick out of the leftist playbook.”

… Ailes eventually dispatched his personal lawyer, Peter Johnson Jr., to the Breitbart embassy in D.C. to deliver a message to Bannon to end the war on Kelly. When he arrived, Johnson got straight to the point: If Bannon didn’t stop immediately, he would never again appear on Fox News. Bannon was incensed at the threat.

“She’s pure evil,” he told Johnson. “And she will turn on [Ailes] one day. We’re going full-bore. We’re not going to stop. I’m gonna unchain the dogs.” The conversation was brief and unpleasant, and it ended with a cinematic flourish. “I want you to go back to New York and quote me to Roger,” Bannon said. “‘Go fuck yourself.’”

That episode made Ailes and Bannon stop talking for a year. They had reconnected before Ailes died, and Ailes even offered Bannon a part in a new conservative media company. Bannon turned him down and now works in the White House.


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