Americans Have Spoken: Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Reaches HISTORIC New Low


While it comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone that our current Commander-In-Chief is a bumbling buffoon – it may shock you that every single state in this great nation of ours is in total agreement.

And we’ve got the polls to back it up.

It seems like Donald Trump is losing more and more supporters with every dumb, racist, money-motivated move he makes. And “The Donald” couldn’t care less. It’s almost as if this monster thrives on public chaos and worry.

Well, despite his constant self-written messages of congratulations and 140-character length pats on the back, the poll numbers are in and, baby, they ain’t good.

(Not if you’re Donald Trump, that is…)

The lowest they’ve been since January, Donald has seen a decrease in support across the board. There’s nobody that wants to get behind this madman. He’s a complete loose canon.

During his campaign, he made a litany of empty promises to the fledgling people of this country who simply didn’t know any better. He tricked and hoodwinked the American people, with the help of Russia and Putin, to swindle his way into the White House.

It’s not right and we won’t stand for this kind of injustice anymore!

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