Ann Coulter Gives Trump the Kiss of Death over Twitter


Following the announcement made late last night by the two top-ranking Democrats, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, stating they reached an agreement with the President regarding DACA that included a border security package but excluded the wall along the border, Trump conservatives became unhinged.

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingram Tweeted, mocked Trump right away:

In an early interview on Thursday morning, former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg stated, “The reality is sinking in that Trump administration is on the precipice of turning into an establishment presidency”.

Trump followed these initial responses with a flurry of confusing tweets clumsily attempting find a middle ground by asking who doesn’t really wants to protect the “good, education and accomplished young people” that were already protected by DACA while stating that no deal had actually been struck.

He later told reporters that “The wall will come later”, adding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan were on board with his plan after he spoke with them. Though, a GOP source told CNN’s Phil Mattingly that Ryan has not had contact with Trump since the news of the agreement broke last night. Oops.

Trump supporters have proven to be volatile and outspoken in the past and are continuing the trend today. Ann Coulter’s response to the Trump Tweet defending DACA and the new deal this morning is particularly ripe

Though, the Twitter response to Coulter’s Tweets are even better:

SOURCEThe Political Voice


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