Anti-Trump Republican Devastates Conservative Christians Like Never Before, This Is Brutal!


The absurd Evangelical following Donald Trump garnered on the campaign trail and maintains to this day has rightfully angered an abundance of Americans.

The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin felt as though it was time to call out the stunt to alert the masses of the disturbing hypocrisy ingrained within the charade.

Rubin wrote an editorial titled “As Trump debases the presidency, the religious right looks away.” She started:

“No group has been as blindly loyal to President Trump as Christian conservatives. They have not let religion or values get in the way of their support. Consider the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, the attack on a Gold Star family, a mass of inexplicable ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials (and the president’s open invitation to Russia to continue hacking), the firing of the FBI director, the humiliation of evangelical-favorite Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the politicization of the Boy Scouts, the threats to the special counsel and now an interview with Trump’s out-of-control, potty-mouthed communications director. What about Trump, exactly, reflects their values? (Taking Medicaid away from millions and separating families to deport law-abiding immigrants?) The Trump administration is a clown show — but it’s the evangelicals who supplied the tent, the red noses and the floppy shoes. Each day presents a new insult to the office of the presidency and a repudiation of civilized behavior.”

The article continues:

“And the religious right, which intones ‘Judge Gorsuch, Judge Gorsuch!’ when confronted with the series of Trump abominations, should do some soul-searching. Was this trashing of the White House, assault on civil language and conduct and contempt for the Constitution (the one the religious right thinks is so important that the new Supreme Court justice must protect it) worth it? And if it gets worse, is there any point at which the religious right put country above tribe, morality above partisanship? No, I don’t think it will do so ever.”



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