Billionaire Donald Trump Refuses to Pay His Legal Fees for the Russia Investigation, Here’s Who’s Footing the Bill Instead


With each passing day, it becomes more apparent that Donald Trump became rich by cheating, lying, and ripping people off until he reached the top. He just loves spending other people’s money to take care of himself e.g. millions of taxpayer dollars to vacation at Mar-a-Lago.

When Bill Clinton faced impeachment, a new law was put into place to ensure presidents who are under investigation pay their own legal fees.

Instead of paying his own legal fees, Trump wants the Republican National Committee to fund his legal team who is tirelessly working to save his skin in the Russia investigation.

According to the Washington Post, Trump associates want to dip into the RNC’s legal defense fund to cover Trump’s bills.

The author of the Post article, Devlin Barrett, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the matter; he stated:

“There have been some fairly robust…discussions about getting the Republican National Committee to pay for some of the president’s legal bills. I think that’s a hard sell in some ways to the RNC. They have their own things they want to pay for. But that shows you that there’s a lot of competing interests, let’s say, in how this gets resolved and who pays for what. The legal bills are going to be huge, no question.”

Trump’s lawyers are pushing jello uphill trying to defend the Trumps after Donald Jr. was caught red-handed trying to collude with the Russians. The fees are piling up around the clock.


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