BREAKING: New Trump Tapes Are the Concrete Evidence Mueller Has Been Waiting for to Convict Trump [Details]


A new revelation in the Russia investigation could finally conclude Mueller’s probe. Congressman Alan Grayson’s wife, Dr. Dena Grayson, spoke with two key sources who claim to have tapes proving Trump colluded with Russia during his campaign. Additionally, Mueller is reportedly aware of the tapes’ existence.

Read her tweets below:

“I have 2 reliable sources who say MSM (mainstream media) already possesses tapes of #Trump merrily treasoning w/Russia,” Dr. Grayson tweeted this afternoon. “Per my sources: Mueller’s backing the traitors into a corner & will 1st nail those AROUND #Trump👉then Trump. MSM also has tapes of Trump kids/associates merrily treasoning w/#Russia, which likely will drop BEFORE Trump’s.”

There are also reportedly tapes of the Trump children conspiring with Russian officials. The sources have yet to step forward for safety reasons, however, if these sources are as reliable as the doctor claims, this could mean the end of the Trump regime.

If Mueller can obtain concrete evidence proving Trump colluded with the Russians, the Trumps will have nowhere left to hide. So far, they’ve been able to slip through the cracks due to the lack of physical evidence.


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