JUST IN: Russia Sends Ominous Threat to Trump Over Return of Russian Spy Compounds


During the tail end of Obama’s presidency, the former president seized two Russian ‘diplomatic’ compounds. The compounds have since been searched by U.S. officials. The search uncovered damaged spy equipment that presumably could have been used to hack the election.

Trump recently made a push to return the compounds to Russia, however, the Senate blocked him.

Here’s the reason why Trump wants to return the compounds…

In January, the BBC released a report saying that there are multiple “audio and video” tapes of a “sexual nature” involving President Trump. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to use the tapes as blackmail to force Trump into returning what he wants — his spy bases in the U.S.

On Friday, Russia released a statement saying it’s “ready to take reciprocal measures” if Donald Trump fails to return the compounds in a timely manner.

Putin and Trump had an elongated meeting last week at the G20 summit and surely spoke about the return of the compounds. U.S. and Russian officials plan to meet on Monday to discuss the matter.

Donald’s unwillingness to confront Putin about Russian hacking in the election just became a lot clearer. He doesn’t want those tapes to go public and is willing to sacrifice national security to make sure they stay buried.

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