BREAKING: Trump Picks Anti-Civil Rights Attorney to Head Civil Rights Division


Donald Trump’s cabinet of deplorables just made a brand new addition. He chose anti-civil rights lawyer Eric Dreiband to head up the civil rights division of the Department of Justice.

During his career, Dreiband defended several corporate clients in controversial cases. He made a name for himself by representing clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch in a case against a Muslim woman who claimed she wasn’t hired because of her headscarf.

Dreiband defended Bloomberg in a pregnancy discrimination case and R.J. Reynolds in an age discrimination case.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund issued the following statement:

“Dreiband has devoted most of his career to defending corporations in employment discrimination cases and advocating for weaker antidiscrimination protections in the workplace. He also has a troubling lack of experience, having done no significant work in other issue areas central to the Division’s mission, including urgent priorities like voting rights and policing reform.”

The head of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Vanita Gupta, stated, “Whoever leads the ‘crown jewel’ of the Justice Department must have deep relationships with stakeholders and marginalized communities, and have a deep, abiding faith in our nation’s civil rights laws. They must respect the laws that touch everyone, rights that people have literally died for. They must respect the role of what has been called the conscience of the federal government. In all those regards, Eric Dreiband is woefully unqualified to lead the Civil Rights Division.”

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  1. Trump is a joke who daily makes a mockery of our government and our legal system! This is one more attempt by him to use the presidency to further line his pockets by removing much needed regulation which he views as impeding his ability to make more money for himself. He needs to be removed for the good of all America.


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