Clinton Heads To Florida To Detail Work For People With Disabilities



Hillary Clinton is turning her attention on Wednesday to Americans with disabilities — planning the latest in a series of speeches intended to highlight her “aspirational vision” for the country, with the added benefit of implicitly reminding voters of one of Donald J. Trump’s most notorious campaign moments.

During an address in Orlando, Fla., Mrs. Clinton will discuss building an “inclusive economy,” her campaign said, with an emphasis on job opportunities for people with disabilities. In keeping with a recent campaign theme, Mrs. Clinton is expected to weave a portion of her biography into the remarks, using them to describe how her life has informed her policy goals.

“You want something to vote for, not just against,” she said on Monday in Philadelphia, in a speech aimed at millennial voters who have been slow to warm to her.

In this case, Mrs. Clinton plans to detail her work for people with disabilities during her time at the Children’s Defense Fund and her tenure as secretary of state, when she appointed the first special adviser for international disability rights.

But Mrs. Clinton’s subject matter on Wednesday also lends itself to a familiar attack on Mr. Trump: Mrs. Clinton has often cited the moment last year when the Republican nominee mocked a New York Times reporter with a physical disability. The incident has earned Mr. Trump some of his most blistering ratings in focus groups, and a pro-Clinton “super PAC” made it the centerpiece of an ad in June. (Mr. Trump has denied that he was mocking the reporter’s appearance, saying he did not even recall meeting him.)

It is not clear how much Mrs. Clinton will dwell on the episode this time. Her campaign said her focus would remain, in large measure, on her policy agenda for people with disabilities. This includes a pledge to bolster job opportunities and eliminate the “subminimum wage” paid to some people with disabilities.

At the same time, the event brings Mrs. Clinton to a critical region of a major swing state. Her team has focused particular attention on the Orlando area’s sizable Puerto Rican population, especially as families relocate from the island amid a devastating debt crisis.

Mrs. Clinton, Bill Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, her running mate, have combined attended 14 events in Florida since the beginning of August.

Source@The New York Times


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