Confused Old Man Donald Trump Wanders Off On Stage Again, This Is Becoming Worrisome


This morning after Donald Trump’s right-wing speech in Warsaw, Poland, the president started to wander off aimlessly, past the bulletproof glass that was erected on stage to protect him. And normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but this is far from the first time Trump has looked confused.

Back in May, Trump randomly wandered away from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Just a little while later, while introducing a new executive order, he meandered off before signing it—with Mike Pence running after him down the hall. And on Monday, he did it again.

Take a look:

People on Twitter noticed Trump’s behavior:

And we wish:

When Trump landed at Joint Base Andrews Base, his limousine was waiting for him—right at the bottom of the stairs. Trump walks down, right towards the limo…and then the camera man turns in a hurry to catch up with Trump, who, despite his transportation being right in front of him, just wandered away until someone was kind enough to show the president back to his car.


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