Congress Just Hit Trump With A Knockout Punch For The Ages With Major Announcement!


In a bi-partisan move, congress voted to reject President Trump’s proposed cuts to the National Institutes of Health, the organization that funds university and health institutes research into health matters, and voted to boost the budget instead.

They also rejected the proposal to eliminate funding for cooperation with other countries on global health threats.

“Disease knows no borders,” the Senate panel said. The committee pointed to the work of the N.I.H. unit, the Fogarty International Center, in fighting Ebola, Zika, malaria and many other diseases around the globe and in the United States.

The appropriations committees in both houses explicitly prohibit the Trump administration from changing the formula used for decades to calculate and pay indirect costs of research financed by the health institutes such as utilities, internet service, data storage, the construction and upkeep of laboratories and compliance with federal rules protecting human subjects of clinical research.

The president’s proposal “would have crippled American innovation in medical research, delayed new cures and treatments and brought N.I.H. funding to its lowest level since 2002,” said Democrat Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois.

Do you want Trump out of the White House?



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