Conservatives Just Put Up Disgusting Anti-Kimmel Billboards. His Response Is Perfect


Conservative street artist, “Sabo,” tried to troll Jimmy Kimmel for his impassioned opening monologues decrying the repeal of Obamacare and the Las Vegas Massacre.

Equating emotion and empathy with femininity, as if being a woman were a bad thing in the first place, the right-wing provocateur put up billboards around Los Angeles reading, “The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour,” “The Jimmy Kimmel Show: Man Boobs and Estrogen,” and featured the talk show host made up to look like Johnny Depp in the John Waters movie, “Cry Baby.”

Twitter did not take kindly to the “Unsavory Agent” shaming Kimmel for expressing compassion. Nor did the Twitterverse much like the artist’s implied misogyny.

Popular Twitter presence @OhNoSheTwitnt clapped back hard, skewering Sabo for his “toxic masculinity.”

But the best response of all came from Jimmy Kimmel himself, who sat in front of one of the Republican artist’s bench ads and showed him what he thought of his stunt.

Like the president he loves, Sabo puts “the ass in compassion.” Hopefully, Kimmel will keep the compassion in comedy.

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