Delusional Trump Supporters Say Donald Is the Most ‘Accomplished’ President in U.S. History, See It to Believe It!


To hear someone say Trump is the most accomplished president in U.S. history sounds like suitable material for an episode of the Twilight Zone. He’s done little to nothing positive for the country or passed any meaningful legislation.

He’s based his presidency on undoing Obama’s hard work, creating divisiveness in the country, and doing everything he said he wouldn’t do, e.g. go golfing every chance he gets.

However, Butler County, Nebraska thinks Trump is doing just dandy. Mayor Alan Zavodny of David City told CNN, “You won’t find much buyer’s remorse around here.” Roughly 80% of the good people living in Butler voted for Donald.

An alfalfa farmer named Bob Higler has a special appreciation for Trump because Donald made him some money when he renewed the Keystone CL pipeline. You see, Bob sold some of his land to the Keystone.

Bob said of Trump, “I’m really impressed with all of the things that (Trump’s) accomplished. Energy security is one of his big things, and that’s what this is all about.”

And in true Trump supporter fashion, everyone in Butler blamed others for Trump’s legislative failures. John Svec, a high school political science teacher, said, “He hasn’t had the accomplishments because he hasn’t had the cooperation of the majority in Congress, and they need to get on board with him.”

Watch the clip below:

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  1. It is a waste of time to point out Trump’s failure in office to date. His supporters are much like followers of cultist leaders. There is no dissuading them since they, much like Trump himself, blame everyone and everything on anyone but this man. He, in their eyes, can and does no wrong. Better to try and convince a rock to get up and move than to try to make Trumpsters find fault with his delusional, life threatening going’s-on.

  2. They are more deplorable than before the election. Anyone who thinks this narcissistic, bigot, sexual predator, idiot has done anything good for this country needs to have their heads examines. Lets see how they all feel when their sons, daughters, grandchildren are killed during WWIII.


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