Democrats Just Flipped One Of The Reddest Districts In New Hampshire Special Election


In the 4th reddest district in the state of New Hampshire, Kari Lerner has flipped the seat in Rockingham County to Democratic control.

Lerner’s margin of victory was a slim 50.6 percent to 48.4 percent in a district that Republicans control by a two-to-one advantage in terms of voter registration. The actual difference was a razor thin 39 votes in Lerner’s favor.

The victory is especially significant given the fact that Trump won there by 23 points in November.

Tonight’s democratic victory is now the third flipped House seat in New Hampshire. Just weeks ago, Charlie St. Clair won in Laconia-Belmont and, before that, Edith DesMarais triumphed in Wolfeboro.

Also this summer, Democrat Kevin Cavanaugh flipped a state Senate seat in a special election in another heavily Republican district.

“There’s something happening in this state and all across this country when the deepest red districts in New Hampshire are consistently turning royal blue,” state Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said. “This, our hardest-won victory so far, is the latest proof that voters are showing up when it matters to reject the dangerous and divisive agenda of Donald Trump and Chris Sununu.”

“Rep.-elect Lerner deserves enormous credit and congratulations for this great victory tonight,” said House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff. “Our Democratic family is growing bigger by the week, and Kari Lerner is another great addition. I know she’ll work hard and stand up for Democratic values at the State House on behalf of the people of Auburn, Chester and Sandown.”

It seems that Trump’s dismal governing is finally catching up with him. If Republicans can’t manage to hold onto seats in the reddest of districts, they are in for a rude awakening come November of 2018.

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