Diehard Trumper Calls Trump a “Genius,” Instantly Gets Destroyed by Van Jones


A recent poll found the most common words that pop into people’s heads when they think of Trump, and “genius” certainly didn’t make the cut. The word “idiot” won the #1 position.

Trump lackeys will say whatever it takes to defend the president and stay in his good graces. Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders already sold their souls to the cause, along with many others.

Former GOP Congressman Jack Kingston appeared on CNN to speak with Van Jones about Donald Trump’s performance at the G20 summit.

Jones highlighted the threat North Korea now poses to the U.S. He stated, “We have an actual madman in North Korea with actual nuclear missiles who is apparently now able to hit Hawaii and Alaska – American soil. That should be – full stop – the agenda for the United States, to rally the world to stop the threat.”

Kingston said that it’s all part of the “genius of Donald Trump.” Jones instantly became disgusted when he heard the words ‘Trump’ and ‘genius’ in the same sentence.

He retorted, “Listen, when you are in your little bathtub with your rubber ducky and telling yourself these stories, that’s wonderful. The rest of the country is looking at what they’re actually seeing, which is somebody who one he is given a script and something to say and do, he apparently can do a decent job, but the minute he runs into the restroom or closet and can get his phone out, he starts doing nutty stuff. It’s not good for America. If this is genius, we got a bunch of genius kindergarteners.”

Watch the full clip below:

Van Jones: "when you're in your bath tub with… by sarahburris


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