Disgruntled UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Cries Over Having to Work on July 4th, This Will Make You Sick


Leave it up to a Trumpeteer to complain about working. It must be tough working for a guy who spends all of his time golfing after claiming he would never golf.

Haley wrote a tweet to remind everyone that she was in “meetings all day.” She thanked North Korea for occupying her precious time. The real kicker is the fact that Trump challenged China to bomb North Korea on the same day.

Haley tweeted:

“Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea”

North Korea claims to have launched its first successful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Donald Trump trashed the leader of North Korea. He questioned whether the guy has anything better to do than launch missiles.

Meanwhile, the hypocrite Trump spends most of his time golfing or shamelessly attacking people on Twitter. He should look in the mirror and ask himself the same question.

Haley previously received a backlash after suggesting potential cuts to United Nations peacekeeping funds.

It was only natural for Twitter users to blast her. See some of their responses below:

What is your reaction to Haley’s tweet?


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