DISGUSTING—Trump Just Suggested We Shouldn’t Even TRY to Rebuild Puerto Rico!


President Trump on Friday crowed about his administration’s response to the damage left by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, but he cautioned that a “big decision” would have to be made about the cost of rebuilding the island.

He tweeted:

It’s unclear what Trump is referring to here when he recounts what Ricardo Rossello, governor of Puerto Rico, had said. Earlier on Friday morning, Rossello had tweeted:

An English translation is, “President @realDonaldTrump welcomed our request for lifting cabotage laws [the Jones Act] to expedite entry of supplies and products.” So either Trump misquoted Rossello rather significantly, or perhaps there was some communication Trump received that hasn’t been made public.

More to the point, his statement that a “big decision” would have to be made about the cost of rebuilding the island does not bode well for his willingness to get enough funding allocated to truly help the island in which 3.4 American citizens are in desperate straits.

At any rate, Trump has been criticized over this past two weeks for his wholly inadequate response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, where necessities like food, fuel, and potable water are running scarce, and nearly everyone remains without power, and will for an estimated six months.

The administration moved to ramp up its efforts on the island on Thursday, waiving shipping restrictions—the Jones Act—which Rosselló said were hindering the delivery of aid to the US territory.

In an interview on CNN’s New Day Friday morning with Chris Cuomo, Rosselló described the government response in Puerto Rico as “all hands on deck,” but said that there was room for improvement:

Certainly, Chris, there is a lot of work to do over here. We really need to increase the delivery rates. We really need to enhance our logistics. But also, from that side, I have to say that the administration has responded to our petitions.

Watch the interview here:



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