Donald Trump Assaults Republicans in Blossoming GOP Civil War


The heat on the Trump administration has reached a boiling point. Donald Jr.’s fresh scandal comes complete with concrete evidence proving Jr. colluded with the Russians.

In the background, stands the disastrous GOP health care bill that’s designed to rob from the poor and give to the rich, all the while stripping vulnerable Americans of their health insurance. Then there is the proposed destruction of Medicaid, and so on.

One of Trump’s big, empty campaign promises was to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better. Like all of his campaign promises, once it came time for him to show his cards, Americans realized he had nothing.

The GOP’s health care bill aka Trumpcare failed to reach the House floor its first time around. The second go around, it made it through the House, but it’s now stuck in the Senate.

Trump and Melania traveled to Paris to meet President Macron for a 27-hour lavish getaway. While France celebrated Bastille Day, Trump attacked his fellow Republicans for not passing Trumpcare fast enough. The ironic part is he’s attacking them for something he failed to deliver.

Trump tweeted:

“Their failed Obamacare replacement,” Trump wrote. Someone should ask him where the magnificent bill he advertised during his campaign went.


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