Donald Trump EXPOSED for Shamelessly Using Special Visa to Employ Immigrants at Mar-a-Lago [Details]


Trump is one of those people who thinks shipping immigrants back to their countries will open up more jobs for Americans. Well, he need not look any further than the millions of dollars worth of wasted crops due to his anti-immigration policies. Since Trump became president, Mexican immigrants are scared to work the fields. Yet, Americans haven’t stepped up to take the so-called stolen jobs.

Trump has also restricted the number of H1B visas, which are traditionally used by Silicon Valley industry leaders. However, Trump is maintaining the H-2B visa for his own personal gain.

According to a Department of Homeland Security announcement, companies “will be able to hire up to 15,000 additional temporary nonagricultural workers under the H-2B program under a final rule that the Departments of Homeland Security and Labor submitted to the Federal Register.”

The New Yorker exposed Trump’s usage of the H-2B visa to employ dishwashers, cooks, cleaners, and gardeners at his Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida. Aside from Mar-a-Lago, other Trump properties utilize the same visa.

This week is Trump’s “Made in America” week; Trump promised: “The well-being of the American citizen and worker will be placed second to none.”

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SOURCEThe Political Voice


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