Donald Trump Jr. Gets Slapped With Catastrophic News, He’s Finished


Donald Trump Jr. has offered many different stories about his infamous meeting in 2016 with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Each new piece of information seems to throw everything that came before in a very different light.

And now, having given sworn testimony before Congress, if new information should be revealed that shows he lied during his testimony, he will face criminal charges.

In an interview with a pro-Russian Crimean news service, News Front, Veselnitskaya says Trump Jr. asked whether she was in possession of any “financial documents” indicating whether Ziff Brothers Investments, an American firm, had transferred what she described as stolen funds to the Clinton campaign. She says she told Trump Jr. she was not in possession of any such documents.

Members of the Ziff family had contributed to the Clinton Global Initiative along with Bill Browder, an American financier who had lobbied for the passage of the Magnitsky Act, which Veselnitskaya has been lobbying hard to overturn. Russian authorities had opened a tax investigation against Ziff and Browder, who had invested together, and Veselnitskaya thought this information could be used against Clinton, according to Foreign Policy.

Originally Trump Jr. said his meeting was about adoption, then later said it was a meeting based on receiving damaging info on Hillary. He argued that the meeting was a waste of time and he didn’t get anywhere—as if that means there was no collusion—but now the Russian attorney involved in the case says Trump Jr. specifically asked for financial documents related to Hillary Clinton.

Happily Robert Mueller is leaving no stone unturned—which reportedly has Trump and those connected to him terrified.

Watch video below:

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