Donald Trump Jr. Makes Drastic Decision Not Even His Father Saw Coming [Details]


Donald Trump Jr.’s life was turned upside down when The New York Times exposed his meeting with a Russian lawyer to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton during his father’s campaign. Since then, he has remained relatively quiet and out of the public eye besides a Twitter outburst here and there.

According to a new report by The Times, Don Jr. has declined continued Secret Service protection due to privacy concerns.

The Times’ source said that Jr. abruptly decided to cut off the Secret Service detail last week.

When asked for a comment, the Secret Service declined to give any information concerning Don Jr. Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Miller said the reason was “to ensure the safety and security of our protectees and their families, we will not confirm who is currently receiving Secret Service protection.”

Outside of the president and vice president – who require Secret Service protection – family members may decline Secret Service security. The Secret Service, despite its dwindling budget, has pushed back against Jr.’s decision, urging him to enlist its services.

It’s still unclear exactly what “privacy concerns” are holding Jr. back from accepting protection from the Secret Service.

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