Donald Trump Jr. to Receive $100K for 30-Minute Speech – and You’ll Never Guess Who’s Paying for It

The corruption is so deep, it's almost unbelievable...until you remember that he's a Trump!


The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., will be paid $100,000 (not including expenses) for a 30-minute speaking engagment at the University of North Texas (UNT) in October.

Trump Jr., who is listed on the event’s website as “an avid philanthropist” and the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, will also answer pre-approved questions and pose for VIP photos as part of his contract. He will also receive an additional $5,000 in lodging and transportation costs.

The funds to pay Donald Trump’s eldest son will come from a firm owned by Brint Ryan, a major Republican donor with a financial interest in the “tax reform” that Congress is discussing. Ryan is also the chairman of the university’s board of regents, and has been a sponsor of ALEC, the Koch brothers group created to influence state and national laws with an eye toward growing corporate profits, often at the expense of the environment or the public good.

Ryan once spent over $1 million in a losing effort to win himself a seat on the Dallas City Council. He has been described by Texas Monthly as one of the people who “runs Texas.” Ryan has previously donated big money to Rick Perry’s and Ted Cruz’s campaigns.

Don Jr.’s lecture will be part of the Kyehne Speaker Series, which has in the past showcased a number of Republican stalwarts and Trump supporters, media personalities, and business leaders. Don Jr. is being investigated as part of a probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the US election and collusion with the Trump campaign.



  1. The corruption just keeps growing and it appears to lead to the Koch Brothers with a Russia shield and diversion. Follow the money and all roads will lead to the culprits.


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