Donald Trump Says Not So Fast Puerto Ricans, You Don’t Get to Use Food Stamps to Buy Hot Food – That’s Only for the Mainland


Trump isn’t fooling anyone, he’s treating Puerto Rico like Eric Trump, while Texas & Florida were Ivanka and Don Jr.

The New York Times just reported that the Trump administration denied Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello’s request to waive the rule blocking citizens from purchasing ready-to-eat hot meals with food stamps.

A significant portion of Puerto Ricans relies on food stamps – roughly 40%. The least the Trump administration could do is temporarily waive the rule until Puerto Ricans can get back on their feet.

Puerto Ricans are currently living without power and have no means to cook food. Food stamp regulations ban recipients from eating hot food served in stores including sandwiches or from buffet-style layouts.

Via The Times:

With a widespread power failure having knocked out electricity to the island for the past two weeks, food stamp recipients around the island have said that they have been unable to use their benefits at supermarkets, because most stores are running on generators and do not have access to computer systems to process the cards. About 1.3 million Puerto Ricans — nearly 40 percent of the population — use food stamps. Federal rules prohibit public assistance beneficiaries from using the cards in restaurants.

Don’t be surprised if the Trump administration lifts the restriction after being called out. Staffers usually don’t lift a finger unless their reputation is at stake.

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