Donald Trump’s Mental Health In Question After Major Blow Up on Live TV


Representative Jackie Speier of (D-California), spoke out earlier today, calling for Trump’s immediate removal. She stated that his “abusive” remarks about the horror and violence that took place in Charlottesville reveal his instability and inability to perform the duties of Presidency.

During a CNN interview, she called Trump’s roller-coaster-like behavior “erratic” and believes it’s time to invoke to 25th Amendment.

Specifically, it was his comments about the violence in Charlottesville, where he blamed many sides for what took place, and his words on dealing with Kim Jong Un in North Korea, where he commented that they should “take him out.”

The 25th Amendment allows the Vice President and a majority of cabinet members to determine whether the President is unfit for duty.

This isn’t the first time Speier has spoken out about Trump’s instability. Just a few days ago she tweeted that he is “unhinged” and should be removed from office because it puts the country in danger.

What will happen as Trump continues to speak insensitively and display instability? No one’s sure but Speier has a good idea of how this unfortunate situation should end.

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