Former President George W. Bush Comes Up Big Where President Trump Fell Short


While President Trump has been acting like a child on vacation who just saw snow for the first time, former Presidents of the United States have been stepping up to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. One of those presidents is former President George W. Bush.

According to The Hill, George W. announced his plan to give both the Red Cross and Salvation Army sizable donations to help Americans in need. The catastrophic flooding has already claimed thirty lives while rain continues to fall.

Bush stated, “Laura and I are pleased to donate to Team Rubicon, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. We hope our fellow citizens will join us in giving to these groups and others that are making a difference on the ground.”

The former president also said that he contacted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday morning to get an update on the impact of the storm and to see how the governor was making out.

Bush then thanked first responders:

“Laura and I are moved by the heroic work of the first responders and volunteers who are putting themselves at risk to save others. The devastation breaks our hearts, but we are confident that these strong communities will recover and thrive. We are proud of the people of Texas for showing the resilience and compassion of our state, and we pray for their safety and well-being.”

On the other hand, billionaire Trump is selling his new campaign hats and donating zero cents to disaster relief.

Do you support the former president George W. Bush?


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