GOP STUNNED! Sen. Lindsey Graham Makes Shocking Statement Republicans Didn’t See Coming!


Sen. Lindsey Graham just abruptly changed his tune about Trump. Graham once called Trump a “jacka**,” however, he is now calling him “open-minded.”

Graham spoke at the South Carolina Republican convention and praised Trump:

“What have I learned about our president? He’s curious, he asks questions, and he knows no fear, and he’s under siege unlike any president I’ve ever seen in my entire life … They don’t believe he won; I do.”

Graham added, “Now Obama was somewhat hard for us, but I thought we were somewhat respectful.”

The senator then trashed Obama by labeling him a “community organizer who apologized for America every turn all over the world.”

“Let me tell you that you have a commander in chief that’s not going to let this country get walked over anymore,” Graham exclaimed.

Then things got a little weird when Graham began gloating about how much Trump calls him:

“He calls and I’m honored that he would call me and I want to help him,” Graham said. “He calls me when I’m asleep and he calls me after I go to bed. I wish he would rest more. I gave him my phone number. So far so good.”

Why do you think he changed his mind about Trump?



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