Guess How Much American Taxpayers Are Paying For Tiffany Trump To Party In Europe With Her Boyfriend


Tiffany Trump’s summer vacation to Europe with her boyfriend cost taxpayers over $22,000, according to a new report.

As daughter of the president, Tiffany Trump was required to travel with a Secret Service detail, putting taxpayers on the hook for the agent’s time and travel costs. Federal purchase orders obtained by CBS reveal the cost of accommodations for the agents alone cost $22,439.

“URGENT! Rooms Regent USSS (Tiffany Trump visit) June 14-24,” one of the purchase orders read, indicating that officials may have been given short notice of the trip. It is often common practice for agents to vet sites occupied by the president and his family prior to their visits.

While the Secret Service does have an office in Frankfurt, Germany, it does not have an office in Berlin. The agency had to open a “temporary office” in a hotel room for Tiffany Trump’s trip known as a “control room,” agency officials told CBS.

Trump shared photos of her and her boyfriend at the Brandenburg Gate, on Instagram.



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