Head of NFL Players Union Just Did It, Says What No One Else Dared to Say


Trump’s war on the NFL is merely another disgusting display of Trump administration hypocrisy. Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway incessantly criticizes celebrities for politicizing events & shows, and her boss is doing the same thing with the NFL. Until Trump showed up, the NFL protests had nothing to do with politics.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Sunday night that any of his players who kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem are not allowed to play, according to Reuters. The Miami Dolphins are also enforcing the same rule. They’ve officially allowed Trump to infiltrate the NFL.

The problem is team owners are denying players’ First Amendment right. The head of the National Football League’s Players Union, DeMaurice Smith, has since responded.

Smith said in a statement:

“Last week both the Commissioner and the Chair of the NFL Management Council John Mara were clear when they assured our union leaders, in the presence of other owners, that they would respect the Constitutional rights of our members without retribution.”

He added, “I look forward to the day when everyone in Management can unite and truly embrace and article what that Flag stands for: ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ instead of some of them just talking about standing. We look forward to continuing our talks with them on this very issue.”

“No player is disrespecting our Country or our Flag. As thousands have shown in the past, it takes bravery and courage to speak and confront these issues as our players have, especially when it is unpopular with some. There is room for Management to do the same and maybe then players do not have to risk the taunts and threats alone. This is their opportunity to lead as well and will be a true test of the motto that ‘Football is Family,’” Smith concluded.

What is your reaction?


  1. Trump should keep his nose out of things that do not concern him. He is using the NFL as a distraction from his bigger problems he can’t work out.

  2. they have an ethics office? I thought they all quit. Even if there is, they will do nothing. Trump is violating many provisions of the constitution and the law, and nothing is done by the weak Republicans. Party before country…..sad.


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