Here’s How Trump Is Catching Up On Official Business After A Disastrous Week Abroad


After a long exhausting trip to Europe where he was outvoted by 19 other nations on climate change, conspired with America’s biggest rival to “fix” cyber security after they hacked our elections to make him president, and generally ceded our nation’s leadership position in the world, what better way for Donald Trump to spend his Sunday than to do what he’s done 37 times already in the 24 weeks he’s been in office?

Less than 12 hours after arriving back in the US from the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Trump was on the green at his golf course in Virginia. It would be incredibly boring to repeat the many tweets that Trump sent out criticizing his predecessor, the sorely-missed Barack Obama, for spending too much time on the golf course, but suffice it to say that at this point in his tenure, Obama had only gone golfing nine times. So Trump has been golfing four times as much as Obama had so far.

Of course, Obama didn’t own any golf courses and didn’t make any money from press and staff who accompanied him spending money at his concession stands and restaurants, not to mention greens fees.

But a man has to check on his businesses, even when he’s ostensibly handed off all responsibilities for them to his mutant offspring and promised not to consult with them to avoid illegal conflicts of interest, doesn’t he?

Luckily, he hasn’t shown as much talent and interest in his day job as he’s dedicated to his golf game, or we’d be in even worse shape.

Maybe someone should tell him that Obama bugged his golf courses or that Mueller has Democratic Party-donating prosecutors staked out on the links watching him. Then maybe he’ll go back to the White House and read a briefing or learn something about climate change, or healthcare, or education, or North Korea, or anything!


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