High Ranking Republican Just Broke With Trump After Texas Killings


President Donald Trump isn’t the most popular man these days as more and more people from his own circle are tiring of his and the Republican party’s agenda. In the wake of the massacre in Texas where a terrorist killed 26 people at a church, outrage has reached an unprecedented level after the killer Devin Patrick Kelley still had access to buy guns even though he was court martialed while in the military after a count of assault on his spouse and child. Authorities have said that the shooting may have been sparked by a domestic issue.

The Republicans have been eerily quiet, preferring instead to continue to support easy access to guns, a billion dollar industry, despite the unprecedented violence and mass shootings across the country. Now, a Republican is finally speaking out and breaking with the insanity of Trump and the Republican party. Here’s what John Cornyn, the number two ranking Republican in the Senate had to say to Bloomberg:

There’s enough confusion here, but it looks like he shouldn’t have been legally able to get and possess a firearm . . . I don’t know if this is a failure of the current system to actually work or whether there are gaps in the way it’s structured and the various parts aren’t talking to each other . . . we’re trying to figure that out and see whether there’s anything else that needs to be done.

Republicans have sent out condolences, including President Trump and his wife Melania, but their words aren’t worth anything without actual change, something we haven’t seen despite the alarming number of mass shootings that have swept the United States.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has one of the most powerful lobby groups in Washington D.C. and they lobby Republicans to ensure that there are lax gun laws that allow for the purchase of weapons. In exchange, politicians often receive financial support for their campaigns for election or re-election.

What this all means is that these politicians sell the safety of America down the river in exchange for money. It’s a terrible cycle that must be broken. At least Cornyn is moving in the right direction by breaking with his party on this issue.



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