Hillary Clinton Just Revealed The Special Little Thing That Obama Used To Do For Her


According to research conducted by a Standford Psychologist, more than half of all the workers in the United States are burned out and suffering from work exhaustion. Hilary Clinton is no exception to this and in her recently released book, she wrote about feeling the weight of the presidential campaign run her down.

In her book What’s Happened, Clinton likens the presidential campaign against Trump to “a marathon run at the pace of a sprint.” Clinton went on to add that it threatened to burn her out. “Every day, every hour, every moment counts,” she wrote, speaking of trying to find ways to avoid burn out. “But there are so many days — nearly six hundred, in the case of the 2015 – 2016 campaign — that you have to be careful not to burn out before hitting the finish line.”

According to Clinton, it was Barack Obama’s words of encouragement that helped her get through the 2016 Presidential Campaign. He advised her to “work smart, not just hard.” In fact, Obama gave her this advice after noticing signs of burnout as her political ally and competitor. He reminded Clinton of times when she and her team often went the extra mile and considered this to be one reason she was burning out.

Hilary recalled him saying, “you’ve got to pace yourself this time. Work smart, not just hard.” Every time their paths cross, Obama reminds her of this and if they didn’t, Obama would often ask mutual friends to pass on the message.

Because of Obama’s advice, Clinton says she now does everything in her power to work smart and to savor the moments that matter. His success is evidence enough that his advice works for him and Clinton plans to adopt it. In fact, she already has and feels more productive than ever.

What do you think of Obama’s advice to Clinton?


  1. It was good advice. Tell me, did Hillary ever bring charges against trump for slamming her with that golf ball as she was entering the plane. We saw that on the news this morning.


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