Hypocritical Donald Trump Just Made A Huge Claim About His Presidency — Americans Aren’t Buying It



Our inept Commander-In-Tweets took to his beloved social media platform and decided to type out this little doozy between meetings in the White House. Does anyone else notice anything particularly fascinating about this poll? Of which, Donald is claiming to be 100% true…? Anyone see it yet?

I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “CNBC.” See it now? Awesome!

Wasn’t NBC, and its news affiliates, public enemy number #1 in the Trump camp for being the barons of “Fake News.”

Just this week he was losing his mind over, what he claimed to be, the outrageous, hurtful media. He even went so far as to publicly call for their licenses to be revoked.

An asinine claim that any right-minded person would never say, it was quickly proven to be impossible for him to do so anyway.

But he kept whining and whining about them. Yet, here he is using them as a “credible news source”? Uh…which is it, Donny Boy? Can’t have it both ways, my man.

What is wrong with President Trump?


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