It Appears Fox News’ Sean Hannity May Now Be in Mueller’s Sights


Since the beginning of this long national nightmare known as Donald Trump for President, Fox News host Sean Hannity has seemingly had a very close bromance with the popular vote losing President.

There are rumors that the two talk often, with Hannity even giving Trump advice on how to run the country.

New reports seem to suggest that Hannity may also have had a close relationship with former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, and that relationship could land Hannity in hot water with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Paul Manafort appeared on-air with Sean Hannity during Trump’s inauguration when Hannity said to Manafort: “You and I stayed in touch, when you were in the campaign, when you left the campaign, you never lost confidence.”

Hannity aso went on to say that he spoke with Manafort a week before election day, as you can see in the video below:

Sean Hannity & Paul Manafort at inauguration talkin about how they stayed in contact after the campaign #FireHannity

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) November 12, 2017

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition pointed this out recently, but it went unnoticed at the time.

Palmer Report points out:

It would have made sense for a cable news host to have been in regular contact with a campaign chairman during an election cycle. However, Manafort resigned from the Donald Trump campaign four months before election day, and yet he continued to communicate with Hannity all the way up through November. What possible reason would they have had to have continued communicating after Manafort was (supposedly) completely out of the election picture? Robert Mueller may already know the answer.

Now, don’t forget that Paul Manafort was under FISA wiretap surveillance during this timeframe, so it’s likely that Sean Hannity’s phone calls with Paul Manafort were recorded, which are now in the possession of Robert Mueller.

If Sean Hannity did in fact discuss anything illegal, Mueller is certainly already investigating him along with the rest of the Trump puppets.

Add Sean Hannity to the list of Trump associates who just might end up going down as a result of the massive corruption of this administration. If Fox doesn’t cancel Hannity over his insane remarks about the Alabama Senate race, maybe his association with Manafort and pending legal troubles will do the trick.



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