Ivanka Trump Crashed White House Oval Office Meeting, Republicans And Democrats Annoyed


Sources say Democrats and Republicans were meeting with president Trump to discuss important matters. Topics such as Harvey relief funding, increase of debt ceiling, and solutions to avoid a government shutdown were emergent matters needing resolution.

None of this was achieved, however, because Ivanka Trump unexpectedly crashed the meeting to “say hello” to her father.

After that, the meeting wasn’t able to conclude because she and her father got wildly off topic, deepening the annoyances both parties felt.

Republicans have a heap on their plates these days. In exchange for a $7.85 billion package for Harvey relief, the debt ceiling was raised to fund the government, something the Republicans did not want. Paul Ryan, who was in attendance, called the move “disgraceful.”

Originally dubbed a “moderating force”, Invaka Trump has shown she has no real influence in the Oval Office beyond the role of a distraction in heels.

A constant voice in support of heated debates such as climate change and women rights, she’s made little progress and has done nothing to prove her stance. She’s all talk but there’s no action.

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  1. Ivanka has no place in the white house, she not the women for any job in the oval office, she rude self-centered and dead head to major causes. She is disrespectful to all in attendance in meetings. She definitely shouldn’t be in the office at the white house.


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