Ivanka Trump NOT Happy About Her Nickname That People In White House Are Using Behind Her Back


“Senior Adviser” Ivanka Trump has been given a relatively new nickname after she sat in for President Trump at the G20 Summit in Hamburg early last month. White House aides were justifiably angry that Ivanka was allowed to act as head of state, because she is clearly not qualified to be anywhere near the White House.

Sources say that White House aides are now calling Ivanka Trump, “Princess Royal”, behind her back. She is certainly going to be quite upset about it, as the nickname is making its way across the media rapidly. Word will certainly get back to Ivanka, which was probably the plan all along, because many Washington elites want Ivanka and Jared out of the White House.

Ivanka has few allies left, as one “former” adviser to President Trump, was quoted as defending Ivanka from the use of the nickname. “Excuse me. This is not a royal family, and she’s not the princess royal.” Too bad this adviser is one of the many that are no longer in the White House.

Sources are also saying that Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s days in the Trump administration might be coming to an end. The pair has failed to have any impact on President Trump’s views, while also being hated in Washington. As Trump’s reputation continues to fall further into oblivion, the pair are deciding whether they need to make a move to salvage what’s left of theirs.

One source, a “well-connected strategist in New York”, is reporting that Ivanka and Kushner might be, “eyeing a move at the end of the school year in 2018.” The source says that the pair are considering leaving Washington early next spring if they, “decide it’s more important to protect their own and their children’s reputations than it is to defend their indefensible father’s.”

The drop of this Ivanka nickname drama from someone inside the White House, along with news that the pair is considering leaving the White House next year, is fairly obvious evidence that there is a real effort to remove these two from Washington. We welcome the effort.


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