Ivanka Trump Thinks Mueller’s Probe of Trump’s Personal Finances Will Bring Criminal Charges Against Her


“Special Adviser” and favorite daughter of President Trump, Ivanka Trump, has just elected to retain criminal defense lawyer Abbe Lowell, to defend and counsel her as special counsel Bobby Mueller conducts his Russia probe, and expands it to include Donald Trump’s personal finances.

Abbe Lowell will provide both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner with legal advice during the investigation. Lowell’s appointment has been praised by Ira Sorkin, the lawyer known for his defense of the famous Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff.

“You have to be ready to go just in case Mr. Mueller says he needs something,” he said. “My own feeling is that every individual working in the administration is going to have to get their own lawyer. It’s just the right [thing] to do.” Retaining a criminal defense lawyer is indeed always the right thing to do when you’re a damn criminal and you have something to hide.

Ivanka’s retainer of a criminal defense lawyer, a day after her husband Kushner testified without being under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed door session, signals that something is coming. Mueller is investigating Trump’s Russian money laundering with Felix Sater and Bayrock Financial, which could implicate Ivanka and Trump Jr.

Every time someone lawyers up in this administration, an implicating story comes out shortly after. They tend to find out about a story before it’s reported. So at this time, Ivanka is not publicly known to be under investigation by Mueller, but if a story drops soon, much like Trump Jr’s Russian meeting report, Ivanka will indeed need a criminal defense lawyer, as Mueller will open an investigation on her.

This is truly all a damn shame, as we are only 6 months into Trump’s presidency, and nearly everyone in the administration is lawyered up with criminal defense lawyers, to protect themselves from allegations that they worked with a foreign government to influence the presidential election that got them there in the first place.

Something is obviously very wrong and Mueller is closing in. Which is why Trump is trying to bury the facts and why he wants to get rid of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He wants to end an investigation which has yet to have reported on any of the conclusions it hasn’t yet reached.

UPDATE 2:50 P.M. = White House is disputing this story, but based off their track record, there is no particular reason to trust them. Attorney Abbe Lowell has not disputed the story, and said that he has a “confidential” relationship with Ivanka Trump tied to his work for her husband Jared Kushner.



  1. I despise them all and would love to see the entire trumph “empire” crumble and fall. Having said that, this story looks like total bullshit. I hope that this doesn’t get too many shares. It makes democrats look as stupid as trumphsters. SERIOUSLY.


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