Ivanka Tweets About Her “Productive” Meeting With Marco Rubio About “Working Families”, Immediately Gets A BRUTAL RESPONSE

WHAT IS SHE EVEN DOING THERE? And wow, talk about an awkward hug! I guess Ivanka isn't too interested in "Little Marco!"


Ivanka Trump met this morning with Sens. Marco Rubio and Deb Fischer and others to discuss paid family leave.

Fischer and Rubio have been leaders within their party on family leave. Fischer reintroduced a bill this year that would give tax credits to companies that offer paid leave for employees. Rubio also supported the idea during his run for president in 2016.

Ivanka Trump’s proposal, however, would impose a mandate on businesses. That idea, which is included in her father’s budget proposal, hasn’t been embraced by Republicans.

The issue is one of personal importance to Ivanka Trump. She has sought to sell her own left-leaning workplace policies in a White House run by conservatives. Privately, she has told people that the paid leave policy in Trump’s budget is just a placeholder, and even hinted she’d be willing to push for something more ambitious.

The meeting began with an awkward hug between Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump that was quickly mocked on Twitter.

Then Ivanka tweeted herself, saying, “Just left a productive meeting on the Hill to discuss issues affecting American working families, including childcare & paid family leave!”

Twitter fired back:


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