Jared Kushner CAUGHT Hiding Secret Relationship and Crippling Debt


The special adviser to Trump was caught hiding financial relationships on his federal disclosure forms. Lying has become the bedrock of the Trump administration, and there is no bounds to it.

Federal financial disclosure forms have been designed to make sure that there is transparency in government and put conflicts of interest out of the White House.

Kushner had omitted his ownership in the real-estate startup Cadre on his disclosure forms. Cadre links Kushner to many financial players in the United States, like Peter Thiel, Goldman Sachs, and George Soros

There are good reasons to consider here on why Kushner refused to disclose his dealings. First, he may have to reveal his relationship to a liberal donor, and he may be trying to hide his crippling debt. It is no secret that George Soros is an influential Democratic donor, responsible for the funding of anti-Trump protest around the world.

Kushner wants to distance from the donor since Kushner has been accused of leading coup within the White House by Steven Bannon.

Kushner has been found drowning in debt, and he obviously wants to hide, and we are talking about a whopping $1 billion in debt.

Trevor Potter, who formerly headed up the Federal Election Commission, said “Anything that presents a potential for the conflict of interest should be disclosed,” Potter said. “So that the public and the press can monitor this.”

Do you agree? Do you think that Jared Kushner is as corrupt as the rest of Team Trump?



  1. Kushner was brought into the White House to take care of his enormous debt…..and taxpayers get to pay his bills {{UNTIL}} the Russia investigation puts him and family in jail.

  2. Don’t be spreading the rumor that Soros pays people to protest, that is an outright lie that has been fed to the conservative voters so they can believe that nobody really wants to protest against Trump. For that reason alone I will not be back to this site.


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