Jared Kushner’s Brother Stabs Him in the Back in Shocking Statement


In a fit of frustration, President Trump decided to unilaterally destroy Obamacare after saying that he would allow it to “implode” following the GOP’s failed attempt to pass its “skinny repeal” through the Senate. One of the many Americans who doesn’t agree with the destruction of Obamacare is Jared Kushner’s brother, Joshua.

Joshua teamed up with Oscar Health Insurance CEO Mario Schlosser to write an op-ed article for Axios concerning Trump’s assault on Obamacare.

Joshua commented on the “uncertain impact of the Trump administration’s last-minute policy moves” under Trump’s executive order.

They wrote, “The administration’s cuts to outreach and sporadic lip service to repealing the ACA do nothing to staunch growing confusion among shoppers.”

They noted that “we are seeing signs that sustainable strategies to keep health care costs down for all Americans are being accelerated and proven out in the individual market.”

Via GQ:

“In the four and change years since it started, Oscar has lost hundreds of millions of dollars, withdrawn from two of the seven markets where it sold insurance, and raised premiums while severely cutting its network in New York, its home state.”

The company’s problems are a result of Trump’s assault on Obamacare, which has shaken up the insurance market.

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