Jeb Bush’s Startling Assessment of Trump’s First 200 Days in Office Confirms America’s Worst Fears


Donald Trump’s second 100 days in office were just as disastrous as his first, if not worse. The Russia investigation continues to weigh down on his administration, while the number of resignations/firings continues to pile up. Millions of Americans hope to see trump ousted from the White House sooner than later.

Jeb Bush spoke with Univision News to offer his assessment of Trump’s first 200 days in office; he stated:

“It’s exhausting. I mean, it’s an incomplete grade in the sense that not much has been done. But it feels like the whole world’s been turned upside down.”

Bush added, “He should lead. And all his tweeting and the pushing down people to make himself look better is not helping.”

The former governor is keeping Trump, his family, and the entire nation in his prayers in hopes for a better tomorrow. Bush stated, “And I hope he assumes the mantle of leadership that he has not yet done.”

Considering Trump’s mid-30s approval rating, a majority of Americans surely agree with Jeb’s assessment of Trump’s first 200 days in office.

Watch the full clip below:

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