John McCain Just SHOCKED Everyone, THIS Is Not Good!


Americans look at John McCain as the voice of reason in the GOP. Well, he just proved that he can no longer be counted on.

Today, he made his first appearance on the Senate floor since undergoing surgery on his eye and receiving a brain cancer diagnosis. He was met with a standing ovation from his associates for having the power to return.

McCain’s vote ended up being the deciding vote whether to move forward with Trumpcare, and he voted “yes.” Earlier this month, McCain claimed that Trumpcare was “dead,” and Republicans needed to start from scratch. Today, he put his true colors on display and chose his party before his country.

America is now one step closer to having over 20 million of its citizens stripped of their health insurance. McCain had cast the 49th vote before Sen. Ron Johnson pushed the vote to 50 to commence the floor debate.

Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski were the only two Republicans to vote “no,” making McCain’s vote the deciding vote. VP Mike Pence’s vote broke the 50-50 tie.

McCain later delivered a spirited speech, during which he blasted Republicans for the bill he had just voted “yes” on.

Twitter showed McCain no mercy:




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