Bernie Sanders Calls Out Trump To Make Good On Labor Promises, Americans Need Jobs!

Do you AGREE with Bernie?


The labor coalition Good Jobs Nation, set up in 2013 to pressure the Obama White House on trade and wage issues, is organizing rallies around the Mid-West through Labor Day to put pressure on Trump to live up to his promises on job creation.

Joseph Geevarghese, Good Jobs Nation’s executive director said, “Trump ran as a working-class hero, so let’s look at the results. We’re seven months into his administration, and wages are flat. People are still getting pink slips.”

The coalition will be holding a rally in Indianapolis headlined by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) among others who seek to call Trump to task for his promises.

During the election he claimed to have gotten the Carrier plant in Indiana to cut back on layoffs to only a couple hundred. Nine months later, Carrier is cutting 632 jobs, far more than Trump promised.

Chuck Jones, who represents Carrier workers as President of United Steelworkers Local 1999 said, “He made promises to working-class people. He said that if he were president, that jobs would not be leaving this country. Guess what? They still are. He could be signing executive orders. He’s not lifting a finger.”

Do you AGREE with Bernie?

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