JUST IN: Donald Trump Hasn’t Given ONE PENNY To Charity For Victims Of Hurricane Harvey


Donald Trump says that he is worth $10 Billion. He also claims that he is very charitable, even though there isn’t any evidence of it. Now, he and his family have the perfect opportunity to prove who charitable they really are, as Hurricane Harvey devastates Texas. Instead, they’re doing nothing.

Two reporters, David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post and CNN reporter Betsy Klein, asked several officials if or where Trump would donate his money. Farenthold, who tracks and reports on Trump’s charities, asked his sources if he planned to financially help the rescue and recovery taking place. He never heard from them.

Betsy Klein asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said, “They’re looking into different options.”

But since the Hurricane hit Texas last Friday, Trump has asked people to donate to his campaign, and has been modeling new hats available on his campaign store website. He even told his twitter followers to buy Sherriff David Clarke’s new book.
What he hasn’t done yet is ask Americans to donate to Hurricane relief.
Even as he talks about how “epic” and “historic” the Hurricane is, Trump has done nothing to help the people in Texas. He only went to Texas, it seems, to take some pictures around the damage wearing his new hat.

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