JUST IN: Kushner’s Company Just Got Awful News


Golden boy Jared Kushner isn’t having the best run lately. He’s made zero progress on the major objectives his father-in-law assigned him, namely solving the Israel-Palestine conflict, curbing the opioid epidemic, and “restructuring the federal government.” Unsurprisingly, a man whose expertise extends only to real estate has proven woefully unequipped for these Herculean tasks.

Now, Ivanka’s husband is discovering that President Trump’s racist, hateful stench is starting to stick to him. Politico reports that in the wake of Trump’s Charlottesville comments, in which he defended Neo-Nazis, Kushner Companies has been dropped by Risa Heller, the crisis management expert hired to assist them.

Kushner Companies is the real estate company run by Jared Kushner, and with his name so prominently displayed in its logo, it makes sense that Heller would want to distance herself.

While there have been no statements from either camp confirming the reason for the separation, the timing makes it seem likely that Trump’s tanking reputation is to blame. The public is increasingly turning against the Trump administration, and being seen as complicit in their continued degradation of American democracy could adversely affect Heller’s business.

Heller worked for Kushner for over a year and a half before her departure. She previously served as a spokesperson for both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Heller used to have a reputation as a New York Democrat (as did Kushner and Ivanka before they made their Faustian deal to join Donald Trump).

It’s unclear who Kushner Companies will hire to replace Heller. They’ll have to find someone with a soiled enough conscience to take up the disreputable task.

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  1. The trump camp along with Jared and Ivanka will continue to rape the American people and country until we hit back at their businesses. What they are doing is inconceivable to me that it allowed to continue. Get the trump trash out of the WH.


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