JUST IN: Mitch McConnell Bribes Alaskan Senator to Get Her Vote on Graham-Cassidy


The last time Trumpcare made it to the Senate floor, three Republicans voted it down including Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is willing to do whatever it takes to get the new Graham-Cassidy bill rushed through the Senate.

He wants senators to vote on the bill in the next ten days without a CBO score. If McConnell can flip one of the three GOP Senators who voted no, he has a solid shot at finally repealing Obamacare.

McConnell needs 50 votes, so how does he plan to get Murkowski’s vote? He offered Alaska immunity against the Graham-Cassidy and the gift of Obamacare. If Murkowski accepts, Alaska will keep its Obamacare tax credits, while other states are left to fend for themselves.

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates stated, “Senate Republicans are blatantly attempting to buy Lisa Murkowski’s vote for a plan that would cause 32 million Americans to lose their health insurance and put the cost of covering preexisting conditions through the roof.”

Americans will have to hold out hope that Murkowski doesn’t take the bait or 32 million Americans could lose their healthcare, not to mention the devastating impact on Americans with pre-existing conditions.

What is your reaction?



  1. If she does she is a disgrace to this country just like Mitch an donald is …I am hoping she will do the right thing an vote against it because this bill will hurt a good many Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now the repubs are resorting to threats and bribery? You and tRUMP are disgraceful! We need IMPEACHMENT here, including Mcconnell!

  3. This idea will never work. You can’t give one type of insurance to one state. It would never work. Besides, I think bribery will only cost him his job as well as Murkowski’s.


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