JUST IN: Trump Shocks The Nation With Unhinged Announcement About His Border Wall


At a rally for Senator Luther Strange, currently in a run-off against Republican opponent Roy Moore, President Donald Trump claimed the border wall will be see-through to the crowd of supporters.

Trump told the crowd, “The wall is happening. In fact, you probably saw, you know, we have a wall up there now, and re-renovating it already. It’s being made pristine, perfect, just as good as new, though we may go a little higher than that, but that’s OK. And we are building samples of a new wall. You know, it has to be a see-through wall.”

He then continued, “If you can’t [see] through it, you don’t know who’s on the other side. Let’s say we build a pre-cast concrete wall and now we have people on the other side. It’s going to stop drugs. It’s going to stop a lot of bad things.”

It’s official, the president has lost his mind.

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