JUST IN: TrumpCare Just Stalled In The Senate. Trump’s Response Is Delusional


Well that didn’t take long.

With the dust still settling after this evening’s collapse of the Republicans ObamaCare repeal and replace effort, President Trump lashed out over Twitter to express his frustration.

Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) effectively hit the self-destruct button on TrumpCare today when they announced their opposition to the bill currently before the Senate – and the President is not happy.

In one delusional tweet, Trump managed to reveal both his disdain for and ignorance of the legislative process, as well as his complete lack of loyalty to Republican principles when it comes to health care.

It’s clear now – if it was already – that Trump’s motivation to kill ObamaCare has little to do with conservative orthodoxy. Lowering premiums, or allowing market forces to work, or any of the other excuses Republicans have tried to peddle to voters as the best way forward on healthcare are of little interest to the President. He’s not even concerned about helping desperate Republicans achieve a sorely needed legislative victory, let alone to help the American people receive better healthcare.

Trump simply wants a bill passed that has his name on it, and he doesn’t care if he has to work with Democrats to do it. He’s even signaled he’d be willing to keep most of ObamaCare’s key reforms in place, contrary to nearly 8 years of Republican rhetoric.

For now, at least, despite the President’s petulance on Twitter, TrumpCare is dead, and ObamaCare remains the law of the land.


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