Justice Ruth Ginsburg Explains the Key to Trump’s 2016 Victory Everyone Else Failed to Recognize


Many questions surrounding President Trump’s controversial win in the 2016 election are still left unanswered. Trump created a voter fraud panel because he believes that Hillary Clinton cheated to win the popular vote by roughly three million votes. Then, there was Russian interference in the election, which Trump continues to deny.

Justice Ginsburg offered her thoughts on Trump’s win in a recent interview. When asked if sexism played a significant role in the election, Ginsburg firmly stated, “I have no doubt that it did.”

Ginsburg said “we came pretty close” to having our first female president, and Hillary Clinton was a “hopeful sign.”

She added, “The more women out there doing things … women come in all sizes and shapes. To see the entrance of women into places where they were not there before is a hopeful sign.”

Ginsburg, who is now 84, grew up in an era when women had little rights.

She has fought to progress women’s rights her entire adult life and has always been one of the women in America at the forefront of progress. She could be considered the strongest liberal voice on the Supreme Court panel.

Do you agree with Justice Ginsburg?


  1. This one time and only this time, I do not agree with Justice Ginsberg. There were too many factors at play. I believe that Trump won because of a faction of discontents that only Trump appealed to and progressives had not appropriately recognized, assessed and addressed…as well, Hillary’s baggage, who she aligned with, her ties to big money and corporate control, the right’s success in demonizing her and her ineffective and uninspiring campaign that failed to speak to many of us. I don’t dispute that misogyny played some small part.

  2. …then there was the way Bernie and other progressives attached to the party were regarded by Hillary and who knows what the primary election tampering..ha! Can’t forget that!


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